Rob Hill

Hi all! My name is Rob Hill and I use to play in the SFYS back in 87 to 88 I want to say. I was in 9th grade at the time and played in the percussion section. Mrs.Hahn was the conductor at the time and her daughter Hillary played violin while I was there. We went to Southwood Jr high. Does anyone have any audio or videos of those performances? That was a wonderful time in my life and I was so proud that and many of my relatives came all the way to NY to see us perform. It was truly an experience that I and my family will never forget. I just remember how everyone was dedicated to making us the best we could be. The parents that drove us there, the staff, the section leader and all the musicians in the group were great and we practiced about 3 hours every Sunday plus playing in our jr high or high school music programs. We sure had some solid talent in the group! Enjoy music, support it, support children who want to play the drums,,,LOL! Music is transcendent!

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