Summer Music Academy Time at the SFYS

Over 56 students attend four weeks ( 19 days) music camp, from June 17th to July 12th – where they experience a wide variety of development tools, instruments and ideas, inlcuding composition, conducting, steel pans, rhythm development , brass and wind instruments, all string instruments, piano and guitar. Each summer for the past 28 years the SFYS has hosted this developmental camp experience for children ages 3-18. Miami Dade College North Campus has hosted the SFYS since 1996, other locations have included Miami Lakes Congregational Church , Old Cutler Presbyterian Church, Wayside Baptist Church, and Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens. Students’ excitment carries on as they enroll into the 9 month program on Sunday Afternoons and continue to develop into tomorrows leaders.

Class Piano Lessons

SFYS is a great place for kids to learn to play the piano. Guitar and Piano Students receive awards for achievement at the end of the season recital. Students receive extra training during the yearly summer camps held in Miami Dade County. Many students are on scholarship thanks to grants through Miami Dade County,the State of Florida and others.

Music Instruction Schedule

All Classes are held every Sunday afternoons  at varying times   from 1pm to 5pm at Miami Dade College North Campus:

The Pawley Creative Arts Center
Building 5000; 2nd floor
11380 NW 27th Ave
Miami, FL 33167
(305) 238-2729

Suzuki Violin and Viola
Class limit: 8-10 students

Piano Classes-beginning-to-advanced
limit: 6 students

Class placement depends on the students enrolled and at the discretion of the teacher
Orchestras:  Three levels,  Begining “String Consort”  Intermediate “Symphonia”  Advanced “Youth Symphony”
Class placement depends on the students enrolled and at the discretion of the teacher- call-for-times

Small group lessons

Instruction with coach at the orchestra director’s discretion, in a practice room or small ensemble room with visable access to the outside as available, and open doors , as not to impede the lessons of other classes or teachers. All instructors of the SFYS are FDLE VECHS background screened and certified. For more information please contact the SFYS at 305-238-2729

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