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Program Descriptions

Beginning String and Band Program

The BEGINNING STRING PROGRAM is a specialized string instruction method for Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass. The 3-5 year old string class requires the participation of a parent at all sessions.

  • students do not need any prior experience
  • serves as a training class to prepare students for advancement to the “String Consort” ensemble
  • classes meet on a weekly basis for 1 hour each
  • instruments available for rental

String Consort

The STRING CONSORT is an entry level orchestra that addresses the teaching needs of Beginning to Intermediate String players.

  • students must demonstrate an adequate level of musical proficiency and music reading; MUST have received prior lesson instruction or participated in our training program
  • serves as a training ensemble to prepare students for advancement to the next levels
  • ensemble meets on a weekly basis for 3 hours

Symphonia Chamber Strings Orchestra

The SYMPHONIA CHAMBER STRINGS ORCHESTRA is available for the Intermediate to Advanced players in
Strings. (12 or more players required).

  • students must demonstrate a moderate to high level of proficiency on their instrument and have some previous ensemble experience
  • students learn the finer aspects of orchestral reading and ensemble performance to prepare for advancement to the “Youth Symphony”
  • ensemble meets on a weekly basis for 2 hours

Youth Symphony

The YOUTH SYMPHONY is available for the Most Advanced players in Winds, Strings, and Percussion.

  • students must demonstrate a high level of proficiency on their instrument
  • ensemble meets on a weekly basis for 3 hours, which includes any combination of full ensemble practice and/or sectionals (provided by local music professionals at no additional charge to you) – Note: weekly schedules will depend upon the difficulty of the music and the level of preparation of each individual player/section
  • this ensemble may also participate in a special regional, national, or international music tour or festival each year

Class Piano Lessons

PIANO LESSONS for ages 7 and up are provided weekly for 1 hour each as a group session (prior
experience determines level placement)

Other Group Lessons

OTHER GROUP LESSONS are available upon request; contact Mrs. Hahn directly so that she may make
arrangements and find the appropriate instructor.

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