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How can I get emergency messages and updates from the SFYS?

Sign in to the SFYS Symphony facebook page..or 81010 RemindSFY, also make sure we have all your correct email and phone contacts , In this age of social media  we need to stay connected , We also have a constant contact site  that we send messages out to all our supporters and families…stay connected!

Is there elevator assistance at rehearsal and concert locations?


What if I have trouble learning my music?

There are coaches that attend on a regular basis to work with small groups or individuals to help you be the best that you can be.

What if I need repair equipment like strings, rosin, reeds or oil?

Some supplies are kept on hand  at a wholesale cost  to the student

What do I wear to audition or rehearsals?

Dress very casually, but tastefully, so you feel as comfortable as possible

I am interested in joining SFYS. How do I audition?

Call for an appointment, Mrs. Hahn at 305-238-2729

What if I am nervous at the audition and make mistakes?

Everyone makes mistakes and is nervous; this is all part of the learning process. Do your best. The auditioners are skilled enough to determine your ability level even if you make a mistake because of nerves. They are experienced teachers and conductors.

What should I bring to the audition?

We try to make auditioning fun and friendly. Bring your Instrument, a prepared solo piece that shows your best qualities, all major scales as many octaves as possible.

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