12 good reasons to have your child study music




(Students who study the arts do better in standardized testing)

1. Early Music Education helps develop brain areas involved in language and


2. Music education research shows a causal link between music and spatial

intelligence (the ability to perceive the world accurately and form mental

pictures of things)

3. Think creatively and solve problems

4. Better scores on standardized tests and higher grades in school

5. Development of empathy and compassion for other people and cultures

6. Idea of good craftsmanship toward what constitutes Good as opposed to

Mediocre work

7. The value of sustained effort to achieve excellence and concrete rewards

8. Teamwork skills and discipline

9. Self esteem through self expression

10. Develop multidimensional and flexible doing and performing skills with

good communication as opposed to simply observing

11. Learn to conquer fears and build good mental health to take good risks

12.Gaining a glimpse of the Incomparable

Christopher helped the younger generation get the feel and sound of the string bass at the “Instrument Petting Zoo”

Scholarship Information

No student is ever turned away from the program due to financial hardship. Through grants and donations, scholarship money for tuition and instrument usage  is made available for in need students. Students and families must apply for this aid through the Executive Director. All tuition scholarship families are asked in return, to serve as a volunteer when called upon, and solicit and submit one paid ad for the yearly concert sponsor book.

Summer Camp scholarships are awarded as sponsorship funds permit. Youth Symphony and Symphonia Students may apply for camp funds as well. Each season we receive brochures from all the many  fine camps across the country. Our recent partnership with the Brevard Summer Music Festival  will award 4 – 1/2 scholarships to our students who qualify.  Check with the director in January or February each season for new brochures, and vital information. We are here  to help all students achieve their goals.

Depending on Funding, Lesson Scholarships for private study may be made available. Traditionally these funds are delegated to upper level students of the Symphonia or Youth Symphony. Coaches and teachers come on Sundays as well to help students gain expertise on their instruments, and orchestral literature

Tuition and Fees

The great kids of the 2015 cello class with teacher- Essilevi Nadal, at the December Holiday concert

All students pay the (Non-Refundable) registration  fee of $100.00   Full Cost per student is $1035.00 for 9 months of classes with professional educators  approx. 28- 32 weeks including  community concerts.  Tuitions charged  cover only 43% of the cost per student.   In response to the need for this  financial aid, the SFYS solicits sponsors to absorb this fee. Thus, the fee charged for the first child of a family is only $900 for the entire season. There is a sibling discount at $765.

Half year students $450-space available

Speak to the registration table attendees on Sunday or call Mrs. Hahn at 305-238-2729, NO student will ever be turned away because of financial hardship. Speak to our Board of Directors for ways we and you, can help meet the cost demand with tuition scholarships. Only paid members will be eligible for the programs listed in our guidelines.
Every student must submit the initial registration fee of $100.00

Monthly Payment plans are available after the registration fee is submitted.  Scholarships are then available based on funding available from sponsors; Major Credit Cards Accepted …Also use Venmo, Cash App,  Zelle and Pay Pal

If a student loses music, damages music or folders, the fees are as follows:
$5.00 for each lost or damaged original part
$12.00 for each lost or damaged folder

Instrument Rentals from the SFYS,  if availableare  for $50 per season.

The rental deposit  is due at registration. Students may sign out the instrument for the summer with all summer payments made before the end of the regular season in May. It is expected that the student attend the SFYS summer music camp with the  SFYS rented instrument.

Our Sponsors

Miami Dade College, North Campus

26  years hosting the program for the South Florida Youth Symphony. Thanks to Campus President, Staff  and Administrative Services Director, Fermin Vasquez,

State Of Florida Division Of Arts and Culture  –  florida-arts.org,

The  Miami Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs,

The Batchelor Foundation

The Kirk Foundation

The City of Coral Gables

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Miami String Haus

Publix Supermarket Charities

South Dade/Homestead Kiwanis Association

Miami Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs is a great sponsor of the SFYS youth development program. Over 18 years of support for the underserved kids in North Dade county. This sponsorship is vital to the success of the program.-

The Children’s Trust serving children and families through a public referendum,

 Miami Dade County Office of Management and Budget,

The Symphonettes

Music Instruction Schedule

All Classes are held every Sunday afternoons  at varying times   from 1pm to 5pm at Miami Dade College North Campus:

The Pawley Creative Arts Center
Building 5000; 2nd floor
11380 NW 27th Ave
Miami, FL 33167
(305) 238-2729

Suzuki Violin and Viola
Class limit: 8-10 students

Piano Classes-beginning-to-advanced
limit: 6 students

Class placement depends on the students enrolled and at the discretion of the teacher
Orchestras:  Three levels,  Begining “String Consort”  Intermediate “Symphonia”  Advanced “Youth Symphony”
Class placement depends on the students enrolled and at the discretion of the teacher- call-for-times

Small group lessons

Instruction with coach at the orchestra director’s discretion, in a practice room or small ensemble room with visable access to the outside as available, and open doors , as not to impede the lessons of other classes or teachers. All instructors of the SFYS are FDLE VECHS background screened and certified. For more information please contact the SFYS at 305-238-2729


2018 Richard A. Zogaib joins SFYS as Associate Conductor

2014 Dr. Dennis Kam joins the SFYS as Associate Conductor

1998  Richard Yaklich Joined the SFYS as String Coach and Conductor

1997 Leo Walz joined the SFYS as Associate Conductor


SFYS moved To Miami Dade College North Campus, at the invitation of John Alexander, Ken Boos and the Administration.under President  Derrico

1994     SFYS  moved To St. Martha’s parish, in Miami Shores

1993    Second” Carnegie Hall” Performance

1988     First Performance in “Carnegie Hall “, New York                                                                                                                    .             George Walters joined the SFYS as Associate Conductor


Dayna Turner joins SFYS as Associate conductor


Marjorie Hahn assumes as lead Conductor of SFYS


Marjorie Gould /Hahn  joins with the SFYS as Associate Conductor with Peter Fuchs


Untimely Death of  Maestro Carmen Nappo


Peter Fuchs joins Carmen Nappo as Associate Conductor


January 24th- 1st Concert of the SFYS  at the North Miami Beach Auditorium .. a converted basketball court  that had floor chairs and bleachers. The concerts were all  FREE and totally filled to capacity..they were free to the public  seating was 1500


SFYS board and Mr. Nappo Moved the organization to the unfinished  4th floor of the North Miami Beach City Hall, under the sponsorship of Mayor Dan Diefenbach  with storage space in the small room adjacent to the top floor room.


Mayor Dan Diefenbach offered to sponsor the SFYS at the City hall of North Miami Beach


Carmen Nappo opted to withdraw from the Biscayne Gardens Women’s Community Center  rather than exclude Black students from the SFYS. Moved temporarily to the City of North Miami community center.


Interracial objections arose from the Woman’s club at Biscayne Women’s Club


First rehearsals of the SFYS began at the Biscayne Gardens Community  “Woman’s” Center


Carmen Nappo saw the fine talent of Marjorie her sister Janice and their friends at North Miami Sr. High , with no place to learn or play the classical literature, so the south Florida Youth Symphony was founded, for all talented south Florida Musicians .

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